Observatory of Skills & Employability in Mauritius

New world. New skills.

Changes in the work environment, accelerated digitalization, ecological impacts, and the integration of new generations within companies, are major challenges that we must successfully meet in order to accompany the transformation of our economy and our society.

The purpose of this Observatory is to carry out a social watch.
This monitoring function is a continuous process that is nourished by: the collection of data, the construction of indicators and shared analysis.


  • To inform Mauritians about trends

    and salaries of the job market

  • To make young people aware of the professions

    in shortage & to help them find their career path

  • Identify the most in-demand skills
  • To provide leaders with food for thought

    thanks to continuous statistics

Employers, employees, freelancers, students, expatriates and Mauritian diaspora:

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of jobs will change radically in most companies.

PWC workforce of the futur survey 2017

of employers are concerned about the availability of key skills

PWC CEO survey 2019

of employees are under- or over-qualified for their jobs in OECD countries

OECD skills mismatch 2019

of people are worried that automation and other innovations will eliminate their jobs

PWC 2019

OSEM is the first Observatory skills and employability in Mauritius. Its ambition: to help you, individuals and companies, to better understand the job market.